94% SE, the end of the beginning!

Adao Natalino
3 min readJul 23, 2020

I could start this blog in a lot of different ways:
- talking about how excited it’s building my final project,
- saying how much I’ve learned during the path,
- the pressure of now being just one more going into the market in the middle of a crazy pandemic or even the weird feeling of completing the whole course at home, having to adapt everything because in person was not possible.

Well, this is definitely a good explanation of how I feel at this moment, graduating a Software Engineer immersive course at Flatiron is for sure a huge achievement in a lot of ways, personally and professionally, changing a career is not an easy choice.

14 weeks (1 to go) that felt were super short but also super long, tiring, intense, with a lot of ups and downs but part of the process and rewarding!

The final statement is: “I don’t know anything but I know a lot!”

And I think this is exactly how is meant to be a software engineer, getting to know new technologies, improving, challenging and pushing myself, trying to be better…. forever learning !

So, at this final mod, we are working “alone”, and each one of us is doing our own projects, a lot of different ideas and goals. The cool thing is, we are all using the same languages: (the one we learned during the course) Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript so we are still able to help each other, developing another very important skill: debugging codes that was not written by ourselves!

Since we will probably work as part of a team, we also have to learn how to understand other people’s code, follow the thought and debug codes, testing and trying to implement what we know to solve problems that wasn’t created by us!

When it comes to the project, I’m building an online platform, where people can upload stuff they wanna get rid off, but they still think that object can be valuable to somebody else. The idea is you create and account and see the items that are available for trade, if you like something, you can request saying which item of yours you would like to negotiate, the owner of the other Item will receive the request and then approve or reject it!

I’ll deploy this app once it’s completely done and post it here! That will be my first project “100% Software Engineer”!




Adao Natalino

Software Engineer with a Mechanical Engineer background.