Finally Reacting!!!

Adao Natalino
3 min readJul 3, 2020

This is the last Mod (4) of the my journey at Flatiron School where I still have lectures, since the last 3 weekes will be building my final project.

Mod 4 is about React, what is it?

React JS is today’s most popular JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces, which has created by Facebook. We can build Simple Page Applications (SPA) or Websites with it!

The main diference between Vanila JS and React is that React uses a virtual DOM, wait……what changes???

  • React first creates an exact copy of the DOM
  • Then React figures out which part is new and only updates that specific part in the Virtual DOM
  • Finally, React copies only the new parts of the Virtual DOM to the actual DOM, rather than completely rewriting it.

Second BRUTAL diference: React uses JSX = JavaScript and HTML together!

Note: As you can write HTML inside of JS, you can also write CSS!

So what is this JSX?

JSX (JavaScript XML) is a syntax extension to JavaScript used by React. JSX is basically used to write HTML tags inside JavaScript. Later, the JSX code will be translated into normal JavaScript, by Babel.

This basically alows us to write what we want to render in the DOM, (or virtual one), while writing JavaScript code:

Especially as I am starting, it’s a good practice to follow the conventions about the components:

Make them as small as possible
They must do just one thing
One level of abstraction
Less than three arguments
Descriptive name

React is relatively new and modern, the documentation is really well written and friendly for newbies so, this website is now my number one on my “favorite” list.

Note: not the one I like more, but the one I need more at the moment!

I am excited for what’s next and all of the challenges that will come up next week during the project week and also during my final project.

Happy to be close to the end because the whole course is really intense and challenging.

Yes, I know it has just started, but is the end of the first (and long) step! Hopefully I’m not over REACT ing!



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