I’m 40% Software Engineer!

Adao Natalino
2 min readMay 24, 2020

This is my second post about my way through Flatiron School Software Engineer Immersive Bootcamp, we and I are getting close to the middle (week 6 out of 15) of the course and of course, with the improvenments comes a lot of questions. The main one for me is: am I 40% Software Enginner already?
This answer has differents points of view and I’ll try to think of some of them here.

Yes, if you think about time! 6 out of 15 is 40% (yes, genius!).

Yes, and if you think the course is divided between back-end development (Server) and front-end development (Client), we may be even further than this:

So far We’ve seem vanila Ruby as first language during the first 3 weeks (mod1) and Rails (or Ruby on Rails) during mod-2 and this is the end of back-end development. We already know everything we need to get a server up and running from scratch (Objects Relationships, SQL, ORM, AR, Rack, Sinatra and Rails as a framework).

Yes, if you think about confidence! It’s rewarding to think how much we learnt so far and it’s really exciting to think it’s just the beggining!

Next week is a project week, and we are going to build a “BloadOath” web application, I’ll post the repo here when its done!



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