The beginning of my journey as Software Engineer Student

Adao Natalino
3 min readMay 7, 2020

Hello, my name is Adao Natalino and I am currently a Software Engineer student at Flatiron School in London (Well, I should say at home due to what is happening with the world now). Me and me virtual classmates started the course 3 weeks ago and I love it so far. Everything started when I lived in SF-CA and met people working in the tech industry.

I had some basic knowledge (loops like for, while, until) because of college but never really coded anything before until finally I decided to learn and enrolled at Flatiron School.

The first language we are learning at the school is Ruby, it’s a friendly and powerful language, one of the most popular languages used on the back-end development.

Everything was so fast that we are already at the end of the Mod1 (out of 5) and looking the amount of things we learned during the past 3 weeks is huge.

We started with interactions (each, select, map, reduce, max_by and others), changed the way of thinking to OO (Object Oriented). Later on we created and stablished relationships between classes, learned how to use SQL (sqlite3 in our case) as a database, how to use database and build our ORMs and finally, but the most important thing, how to use Active Record to do the hard work for us.

Basically, we learned how to do things in a hard way, to understand what happens behind the scenes first. Now we are able to use the libraries that already exist.

How did we practice this? Building a CLI project as a final thing for the MOD1.

The project was really challenging but also very rewarding. I worked with my classmate Mina Malaj and we decided to have some fun with this project building a “Guess Who” game called “CSI CLI”. The game is related with names of the people from our cohort, so the detective has to arrest one person by the end of the game while all the other ones escaped (why would you escape if you are innocent?). Also, by the end of the game, we have a surprise for everyone that is playing. We really enjoyed doing it!!

The game is on my GitHub repository:

Feel free to download it, install and have some fun with us!!

I may keep working on that to make the game even more user friendly and automatic, but it’s already a huge step we took towards the Software Engineer path!



Adao Natalino

Software Engineer with a Mechanical Engineer background.